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Juvenescence Medical Spa is the premiere and most innovative med-spa in Southwest Georgia, located in Camilla. With Juvenescence, it’s time to become youthful again as you restore and enhance your natural beauty.
We invite you to discover the wide range of facials, injectables, dermal fillers, PRP treatments, and chemical peels that we offer. Or, if you want to eliminate stubborn spider veins, sclerotherapy is your answer.
We also provide effective and long-lasting weight loss and sexual wellness solutions, such as hormone replacement therapy. For many years, M. Todd Trebony, MD has practiced Internal Medicine. Now, as the Founder and Medical Director for Juvenescence, he wants you to get back on the path toward your optimal health and looking your best.
Never been to Juvenescence? We invite you to reserve a consultation and let the team at Juvenescence Medical Spa answer all of your questions. They will then customize the ideal aesthetics and wellness program for you. Allow us to help you achieve a younger appearance!

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Introducing TheSinging Doc

Dr. T has always had a love for music. His greatest inspirations musically were Prince and Michael Jackson growing up. Singing though seemed to have happened by chance with Dr. T. For one day, he was asked while in school, to fill in for someone in his high school quartet. He joined at the last minute as an alternate, and they ended up winning their state competition.

During college, Dr. T focused on medicine and put singing on the backburner. But after becoming a doctor, He then decided to sing a solo in church, after pressure from his wife; and a passion for singing soon developed.

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“I absolutely love this place! The staff is so welcoming and makes it a wonderful experience! Dr. T listens to your concerns and goes over and beyond to do whatever it takes to help you and make you feel confident. The staff is so friendly and a good support group!”
Erica Casteel

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